We are happy to invite you to watch the film about one project events „Sheep for the White Carpathians“ (17 – 24 June 2017), organized by project partner MAS Straznicko with folklore group Žerotín.

Programme „Sheep for the White Carpathians“ – revival of traditions linked two folklore festivals taking place in Czech and Slovak Republics through a travelling caravan made of artists, singers, dancers and a flock of sheep. The moving of sheep herds (to new pastures and to markets) is an old tradition in the region, which we tried to revive, but not as a element of economic necessity as it was in the past, but as a driver for cultural life and interest in nature in the rural areas. The participating artists walked through several villages where they  performed thematic ethnographic programme, try local cuisine. In addition, 5 painters captured the event on canvas.

Film is available on the project web-site page “Our video” Enjoy!