About project

Project “Areas of Inspiration” has been selected from 430 applications and is receiving financial support from the European Union within the programme Creative Europe – the largest EU direct funding source for the cultural sector in Europe. The project is managed by the Slovak-based Association of Nature Conservation – Machaon International and is jointly implemented during its two-year period with its national partners in Slovakia (Annogallery and Obec Ganovce), in the Czech Republic (National Institute of Folk Culture and MAS Straznicko), in Estonia (Muusa Kapriis MTU) in Austria and Ukraine (European Wilderness Society) in Ukraine (National Nature Park Synevyr and Museum-reserve Tustan). 

The main idea of the project is to encourage mobility of artists and creative people into the countryside as a source of their inspiration, while at the same time making use of their creative work to enhance local development (tourism), nature conservation and cultural heritage through international collaboration and promotion of the beauties of wild nature and rich folk culture of rural areas through works of art.