ANNOGALLERY is dedicated to performing creative and artistic activities with the focus on ceramic modeling, spinning clay on a pottery wheel, work with glass, came glasswork and glass mosaic.

In addition to various courses and creative workshops for the general public, children, seniors and specific target audiences, Annogallery’s activities include the presentation of art and artistic work of Slovak and foreign artists, organizing open-airs, residencies for artists and exhibitions of contemporary art.

The strength of the organization lies in its professional expertise, innovative approach and developing partnerships in international projects. The surrounding area with its unique history, Spiš Gothic, various museums, as well as the magnificent High Tatras mountain range and protected National parks of Tatra and Slovak Paradise with many waterfalls, karst phenomena, and underground caves attract many visitors.


Art events

  • Day camps for children „Ceramic world“ in the form of workshops during summer holidays, dates: July – August 2017
  • Up-coming event: Ceramic and painting art symposium ‘Nature – muse of Inspiration’,  dates: 14.06 – 21.06.2018

Inspired artists

Viktor Derda, Olena Derda, Michal Fric, Eva Končeková, Peter Krúpa, Milan Ladyka, Eugeniusz Molski, Martin Rosenberger, Peter Smik, Vasil Zymomrya

Contact Information

Address: Ondrej 59 str., 059 12 Hôrka, Slovakia

 Contact person: Slovakia: Katarína Smiková

 Contact phone: +421 948 275 880



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