Art-residence Machaon is located at the outskirts of the picturesque village of Gánovce, well known for its healing mineral springs and paleontological finds, including a petrified brain of a Neanderthal man. The village is situated close to Slovak Paradise national park famous for its unique and precious natural treasures: deep-cut river canyons, gorges with amazing waterfalls, a huge underground world of caves and rich diversity of fauna and flora.

Art-residence Machaon regularly hosts artists participating in art symposia and cultural events held in the village or in its surroundings. The unique setting of the art residence with amazing views at the Tatra Mountains and nearby forested hills coupled with comfortable and welcoming atmosphere at the house provide inspiration and creative space for the work of artists. In addition, artists have a special oven to work with enamel. They are encouraged to explore the area and to interact with local community, providing added value to their artistic work.

The art residence is managed by NGO Machaon International which runs international projects focused on preservation of nature and cultural heritage and on fostering international collaboration in those fields.

Art events

  • Upcoming event: June, 10-21, 2018. Enamel symposium “Area of Inspiration” open to 10 artists interested in enamel technique known for its versatility, a variety of rich colours and textures.
  • September, 2017. Preparatory workshop prior to Enamel symposium 2018, testing of the oven for enamel  technology and master-classes organised by artists: Michail Beketov and Elena Evdokimova
  • September, 2015. Land-art symposium Printing our history  where new art objects from wood, concrete, stone, plaster and iron were created to celebrate our connection to the ancestors. The exhibition was opened by the President of the Slovak Republic Mr. Andrej Kiska.
  • September, 2014. Land-art symposium „Mystery of life: from Neandertal to the present“ leading to creation of sculptures and drawings related to the life of Neandertal people.
  • June, 2014. Plain air event “Area of inspiration” to let 16 participating artists express their perception of Ganovce and its surroundings in drawings and sculptures (Most of the art works are exhibited in a newly created village gallery)
  • September, 2013. Land-art symposium „Mysteries of hunting“ re-creating the hunting spirit of the Neandertal people who roamed in the area in the past through land art objects.

Contact Information

Contact address: Lucna str. 524/2, 05801 Ganovce, Slovakia

Contact person: Svetlana Belova (Russian, Slovak, Czech, English, Ukrainian) 

Contact phone: +421 917 449 943


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