National Nature Park Synevyr will welcome a group of Dutch, Austrian, Czech, Romanian and Ukrainian artists in early August. That is the time when the artists will join the European Wilderness Society to hike into the Ukrainian Wilderness. Right in the middle will be the WildArt Plein Air event. The WildArt Plein Air event is part of a project ‘Areas of Inspiration’, funded by the European Commission programme – Creative Europe. Following our Dutch and Ukrainian artists, we are welcoming artists from Czech Republic,  Austria and Romania.

Jan Botek, Czech painter

Jan Botek uses different techniques and styles in his art work. This enables him to capture different emotions in a single image. As a result, he attempts to grasp the complexity of nature, people and things around him.

As well as Svetlana Kyrlyk, Jan Botek already participated in other Art Events of the Project “Areas of Inspiration” in Slovakia and Czech Republic, and soon he will enrich his art work in Ukraine with WildArt Plein Air.

See more of Jan Botek’s work here and here.

Miriam Hartmann, Austrian dancer

The further away from human settlement you get, the louder nature’s voice seem to become. It is the Wilderness where you can hear the natural heart beat. The WildArt Plein Air event takes the international artists into Synevyr Wilderness. It is a place where rivers flow, waterfalls rush, and forests whisper. Filled with a rich variety of life, you can hear the symphony of nature all around you. All these sounds create a unique music that Miriam Hartmann uses as inspiration for her dancing.

My passion towards wilderness is unlimited. I love to be connected with nature and the environment. That’s also the reason, why I’m studying management of natural resources and botany.

Miriam Hartmann

by Miriam Hartman

Janin Salzger, Austrian sketch artist

I t is art in itself to extracting the most important details from a view into a couple of single lines. That is how Janin Salzger is able to capture the beauty of nature in it’s simplest form. The simpleness also leaves room for the imagination of complexity, giving her art a unique touch and personal experience.

Wilderness is my biggest inspiration – for my artistic work as well as for life in general. I find beauty in nature wherever I look, and I learn so much from it every time I am outdoors. Furthermore I think it is essential for us humans to preserve nature, wild nature. I study Environmental Science with focus on Ecology and Biodiversity – and though I know a lot about wilderness by now, there is always something new to discover and learn. Nature never ceases to amaze me.

Janin Salzger

See more of Janin Salzger’s work here.

by Janin Salzger

Daniel Mîrlea, Romanian nature photographer

Through photography, I want to put a ”shoulder” on nature and wildlife conservation and, also, to show and inspire other people to believe in our connection with nature.

My photographic adventure started at the end of 2015 with a hike on Cozia National Park in which I had the first ”flash” during photographing the sunset over the Făgăraș Mountains. After that, are just photos and stories. Since March 2017, I’ve quit my job to be dedicated just to photography. During the autumn months of this year, I’ve had a photographic collaboration with WWF Romania on their ”LIFE Bison” project regarding the human-wildlife conflict and research about the bison’s behavior.

In 2018, I will be outdoors most of my time because I am working on a photographic project focused on the human-wildlife conflict from a conservation perspective.

Daniel Mîrlea

by Daniel Mîrlea