Plain air and festival ‚Oskorushe – Feeling of Straznicko spring‘ were arranged on April, 3-9, 2018 in village of Tvarozna Lhota (region Straznicko, Czech Republic), by local action group Straznicko, Machaon International and National Institute of Folk Culture of Czech Republic in cooperation with local folklore groups, villages and farmers. The events were organised in the framework of project “Areas of Inspiration” supported by EU programme „Creative Europe“.

Oskorushe (service tree) is an old edible fruit-beraing tree which has almost disappeared in Europe. Several local enthusiasts leaded Vit Hrdousek revived an interest to this tree as identity symbol and important source for a range of local products. Every year in April a festival ‚Oskorushe Fest‘ is held in the village of Tvarozna Lhota to celebrate this important local tree. Those who grow the tree as well as many local residents get together to try various products made from its fruit as well as to participated in accompanying entertament.

This year the plain air event enriched the festival with the presence of artists to capture this spectacular tree (many grow for hundreds or years) and related local traditions in art. Six artists from different countries (Natalia Molkanova, Svetlana Kirlik, Pavlica Franta, Botek Jan, Miškeřík Jura, Miroslav Gregor) under supervision of art-coordinator prof. Alexey Sheboldayev got inspiration for their creativity from unique nature, local culture, communities life.

Schoolchildren were actively involved in creative process through master-classes from Professor of art Alexey Sheboldajev. Every day artists participated in trips to explore the nearby protected area White Carpathians, evening get-togethers, small workshops where artists learned from each other, galeries. The artists stayed in the local art-residence „U Morushe“ and then participated at the festival where they presented their work to the wider public and helped to promote Oskorushe (service tree) preservation.

Article author: Svetlana Belova

You can find  more photos from the event: here  and here.