Project partners

Machaon International, Slovak Republic

is an independent non-commercial conservation organization from Slovakia, established in 2007. What initially began as an endeavour of a Slovak environmental scientist charged with enthusiasm to help in Russia became a professional activity and firm mission to support various national parks and protected areas in Europe (including Russia) in their role as guardians of nature and traditional culture and places of inspiration and admiration for Europeans. Over the years, the organization gathered a lot of experience, created partnerships and developed special skills in biodiversity conservation, cultural heritage preservation, effective fund-raising, project management and facilitation of cross-border co-operation.



European Wilderness Society, Austria/Pan-European

is the only Pan-European, wilderness and environmental advocacy non-profit organization with a dedicated multi-cultural and very experienced professional team of wilderness and wildlife specialists, nature conservationists, researchers and scientists, tourism and regional development experts, marketing and business professionals, legal advisors and wilderness advocates whose mission is to identify,  designate, mananage and promote European WILDrivers, WILDcoasts, WILDislands, WILDForests and WILDERNESS. Our core areas of activities: wilderness and large carnivores, art and culture, sustainable tourism, education of youth and adults.



Viinistu Art Museum, MTÜ Muusa Kapriis, Estonia

In the little coastal village of Lahemaa national park, Viinistu, there is an Art Museum located in an old cold storage of a fish processing plant. Viinistu Art Museum, displays works of hundreds of Estonian artists of various eras; this means about 1,000 Estonian works of art, starting from the Baltic-German era and Pallase school until today. The owner of the comprehensive art collection is Jaan Manitski. Exhibitions alternating each month in the so-called barrel galleries converted from old water tanks offer plenty to enjoy. Seasonally, theatre productions and concerts of different performers are also organized in the museum.



NGO LAG Straznicko, Czech Republic

LAG Straznicko is an NGO applying sustainable development of rural border region Straznicko by community method LEADER. There are 11 villages in this region (17 000 people together), which cooperate with LAG Straznicko.



ANNOGALLERY, Slovak Republic

ANNOGALLERY is dedicated to performing creative and artistic activities with the focus on ceramic modeling, spinning clay on a pottery wheel, work with glass, came glasswork and glass mosaic.
In addition to various courses and creative workshops for the general public, children, seniors and specific target audiences, Annogallery’s activities include the presentation of art and artistic work of Slovak and foreign artists, organizing open-airs, residencies for artists and exhibitions of contemporary art.
The strength of the organization lies in its professional expertise, innovative approach and developing partnerships in international projects. The surrounding area with its unique history, Spiš Gothic, various museums, as well as the magnificent High Tatras mountain range and protected National parks of Tatra and Slovak Paradise with many waterfalls, karst phenomena, and underground caves attract many visitors.



Tustan, Ukraine