Unique natural and cultural landscapes of the National Nature Park “Synevyr”, member of the European Wilderness Network are very supportive surrounding for creative work of painters and other artists. Plain Air and other art events are often conducted on the territory of the Synevyr park. Park is eager to enrich the variety of such events and to further promote its impressive and inspiring nature: lakes, forests, meadows. Territory is claiming to become a creative ground for the work of artists in cooperation with environmentalists and local population.

Art events: various Plain Air

Art event of the project “Areas of Inspiration”: Wild Art Plein Air in Synevyr  (09-15 of August, 2018)

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Address: Synevyr village, Mizhhirya district, Transcarpathian region, Ukraine.

 Contact person: Yuriy Babichyn  Contact phone: +380978045841

 E-mail: babichun1@ukr.net      Web-site: http://www.npp-synevyr.net.ua/

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