Tustan Area of Inspiration is located near the village of Urych, in a natural amphitheatre formed by opposite slopes of mountain ridges. They created a marvellous valley where the picturesque river Urychanka flows. In a warm season, Tustan becomes more secluded thanks to the shade of mixed woods, and in autumn the trees paint the scenery with magical palette

The project “Territory of opportunities” implemented in the village of Urych, which used to be a Cultural Center of “Hata u Hlubokim” provided opportunity for folk masters to live and provide trainings and master-classes on their crafts for three weeks. An exhibition of art works made during these art and cultural activities completed the project

Art events

Art expedition in Tustan (July 29 – August 06 2017) – creating art-objects before the festival “Tu Stan”, discussion of the concept of the symposium, which will take place in 2018.

Festival of Ukrainian medieval culture “Tu Stan! – 2017” (August 04-06 2017)

Symposium in Tustan “Tustan. Power. Art.”(July 2018) –  The project deals with the presence of art in the life of a society. The task of an artist will be to create an object with a deep meaning, based on a thorough study of the local environment.

Up-coming event: Festival of Ukrainian medieval culture “Tu Stan! – 2018” (27.07 – 29.07.2018)

Already inspired artists

Contact Information

Contact address: Urych, Lviv region, Ukraine

Contact person: Kondratovych Orest

 Contact phone: +38 063 2638931

 E-mail: ngo@tustan.ua

 Web-site: ngo.tustan.ua

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