The WildArt painters, drawers, printers, dancers and photographers are inviting you to the
WildArt Plein Air Final Event to share their artistic passion towards wilderness and to observe
Synevyr Wilderness through their creative art-work.

The WildArt Plein Air Final Event includes:
– Exhibition of art-works
– Wilderness experience exchange with the WildArt participants
– WildArt Masterclasses

The WildArt Plain Air event in Synevyr is organised by the European Wilderness Society and
National Nature Park “Synevyr” in August 2018. The event is part of the project ‘Areas of
Inspiration’, funded by the Creative Europe programme.
An international group of 10 artists of different domains will participate in the first WildArt
Plein Air in Synevyr from the 9th to 14th of August, 2018. Inspired by one of the wildest places
in Europe, including an UNESCO World Natural Heritage site, and accompanied in their
adventure by professional Wilderness guides, the artists will experience this unique Carpathian
Wilderness in Western Ukraine.
You also welcome to visit the exhibition “Human and Wilderness co-existence” from the
European Wilderness Society. Free to visit from 10-08-2018 to 14-08-2018 in the Visitor
Centre of NNP “Synevyr”.

Invitation is also available in Ukrainian.